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26 Oct

How Smoking Is Injurious To Health Disease Caused By Smoking – AC

‘’Smoking is injurious to health’’. Not only injurious, it can be deadly also. Cigarette smoking is the biggest cause of illness and death In the entire world. About 2.4 million people in the America lose their lives due to smoking. Smoking causes many life-taking diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cancers and heart diseases, which is the main reason behind smoking-related deaths. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in US, estimated that about $92 billions are spent each year from lost-productivity from smoking-caused deaths.

Smoking is a common habit in which tobacco, opium or cannabis etc. is burned and the smoke from it is inhaled to taste it. Mostly, dried leaves of tobacco are used for smoking purposes (cigarette). Back in the years of 1000, Cannabis along with butter, dried snake skin and fish offal were fumigated for medical purposes.

Cannabis smoking were mostly common in those years, before the arrival of tobacco. In the year 1560, Jean Nicot introduced tobacco to France and it was used as an intoxicant. Soon after its identification, smoking of tobacco leaves become a common practice.

Smoking is the largest cause of preventable death in the world. About 1/2 of smokers die from the diseases and disorders caused by smoking. Smoking, on average, decreases 10 years from the life span of the smoker.




Nicotine is a substance that stimulates the brain. Using it is just like taking a drug. Whenever you refrain yourself from it, it kills your mental abilities, if you were a regular taker of it. The withdrawal symptoms, which are developed in such case include:

  • Headache
  • Anxeity
  • Hunger
  • irritability
  • Awful feeling
  • Fatigue

So, in order to feel normal, most of the smokers require to smoke regularly.


Tar contains so many harmful chemicals that affects nearly every organ of the body. 70% of the tar remains in the lungs. The deposits of tar in the blood, from the lungs, through blood vessels is carried to all the areas of our body. The smoke fro cigarette contains over 5000 chemical compounds. About 50 compounds from them, are the leading cause of cancer.

Carbon Monoxide:

It is a poisonous gas with shows no sign of its presence. It has no taste or smell. It is present in car exhausts, smoke from the industries and cigarette. Whenever we inhale smoke, our body doesn’t differentiate carbon monoxide from carbon dioxide and absorbs it in the blood.

If there is enough carbon monoxide (CO) around you, it takes you in coma state and can kill you silently. The reason behind that is, it decreases the heart and muscle function and causes weakness, dizziness and fatigue.

Health Disease Caused By Smoking : 

Smoking causes drastic effects on health and brain. About 13.2 and 14.5 years of life are deducted due to smoking. Lung cancer is caused by smoking which kills about 22.1% male smokers and 11.9% female smokers, monthly, in the whole world. Several other health risks and diseases caused by smoking include:


About 25,000 people in America, die each year from this deadly disease. It is a inflammatory lung disorder that makes it very difficult to breathe.


This is the greatest life-taking disease in America. About 1 million people die each year in UK from this chronic disease. 6% of these deaths are due to smoking.

Smoking is the leading of cancer worldwide. The smoke contains certain carcinogen which cause cancer. It cause mouth, pancreas, bladder, cervix, blood, kidney, nose, throat and gullet cancer in smokers.


The injurious compounds present in tobacco smoke causes a damage in the lining of blood vessels. It causes a condition of atheroma which is characterized as hardening of arteries. It is the main cause of strokes and many of the heart diseases. The hard and swollen arteries may burst in some severe conditions which leads to internal bleeding       .


Most smokers undergo problems in maintaining erection in middle life. It mostly affects the male parts.


Smokers are at the highest risk of having rheumatoid arthritis.


Smokers tend to look more aged then their original age.


There is a reduced fertility in smokers.


Smoker women are likely to have a menopause two years before than the non-smokers.


  • Chronic rhinitis
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Optic neuritis
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Dementia
  • Optic neuropathy
  • Osteoporosis
  • Raynaud disease
  • Pulmonary fibrosis
  • Macular degeneration


The smoke from cigarette even affects the people who are exposed to it. This known as passive smoking. It increases the risk of heart diseases and lung cancer in them.


  • There should be some ways to provide information towards the people. There should seminars and webinars conducted by the pharmacist, nurses and doctors, to provide all the drastic effects of smoking on health.
  • Clinic like NHS Stop Smoking Clinics should be made through out the country to help people to stop smoking.


There are various medications and therapies that increases the chance to quit smoking.

  • Nictoine replacement therapy (NRT)-which comes in sprays, patches and tablets etc.
  • Bupropion (Zyban)
  • Varenciline (Champix)
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