Solve Relationship Problems without Breaking Up
01 Jun

How to Solve Relationship Problems without Breaking Up

Love is essential to any human being. Having someone to love and love you back give a person a reason to wake up each morning and do their responsibilities well. This gives them a purpose in life. What then happens when there are roadblocks in that relationship? What does one do? Before you come to the conclusion that breaking up is the right decision, explore the following:

Reflect on the things that brought you together

Sometimes we choose partners who drive us to a particular destination, who inspire us to be better versions of ourselves. Other times we simply settle for people whose expectations mirror our own and we can relate their struggles with our own. If the attractions start to fade, that does not mean they were wrong for us. On the contrary, find the things that are tearing you two apart and find common solutions together and fix it.

Break your routine

This happens when partners try to control the world of the other partner, limiting them. It results in a person losing their own identity. This takes away the give and take exchange in a normal relationship. As a result partners start taking one another for granted losing their attraction.  This happens in many ways such as stopping supporting each other’s interests creating a passive environment in the relationship. With time they start to resent each other and lose affection for one another.

Accepting weaknesses

Every person has weaknesses. There is no perfect relationship. The best way to manage one is by treating your partner fairly, understandingly and lovingly. Conflict resolution mechanisms should be realistic.  Don’t be quick to judge, to anger or insult.  When offended take a step back, avoid heated confrontation when hurt. Instead maintain your cool and compassion without overreacting. Choose taking responsibility over judging. Accept the fact that relationships are dynamic. It’s better to be close to your partner than to be right. This will make them rethink and ultimately resolution of the dispute.


In any meaningful relationship, communication is vital to its success. Even when things go bad ensure there is always a line of communication. This opens the dialogue box for conflict resolution. How often do you talk to one another, joke with each other or even discuss other stuff not necessarily on your relationship? Where there is openness probability of success goes off the roofs. Always address misunderstandings as early as possible by talking to each other.


Get closure

Some relationships are haunted by the past. Don’t let the past ruin your present. Accept what happened and agree to let go. Starting afresh does not always mean that you forget, but you accept your past and let it be the past. Ability to overcome your past will help stabilize your relationship. If the past hovers too much it ruins the present.  Decide to confront it together and understand one another. Agree together to bury it and let it stay there.

Pay attention

As insignificant as it might be most relationships breakup due to lack of attention. Do this by showing interest to what your partner is doing and trying to accomplish. Complement one another and comfort each other too. Showing interest in not just your partner but also their engagements helps send the message home that you really care.

Building trust

Trust is vital in a relationship. It enables couples to believe in each other. Honesty comes with trust. Where the two virtues are well inculcated partnership blossoms and you can withstand even serious misunderstandings.  Develop trust through involvement and openness in your dealings with your partner.

Have joint engagements

Dating does not end with commitment to each other. Spare time to concentrate on each other. Take your partner out on picnics, a date or even to watch a movie. This brings the two of you closer to each other building trust, understanding and commitment. It’s the little things that cement a stronger foundation for a successful relationship.

Make a plan of action

There are things that have caused bad blood between the two of you. It is time to address them appropriately. Be open and willing to accept mistakes and forgive one another. In addition, be willing to change where you did wrong. You should also be ready to drop bad habits that have contributed to your problems. Show your partner that you want your relationship to work through action and not just words.

Seek professional help

There are problems in relationship that need professional help or counseling. Examples include; alcoholism, gambling problems among others. These are problems that you cannot resolve through promises alone. You have to show your partner that you really want to change for the better. Engage your partner on seeking the best solution. This way they feel you need them and willing to be better and making it work.

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