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03 Dec

How To Know The Speed Of Internet Conection

Speed Of Internet Nowadays being connected online have converted in an essential thing in many people’s life, because of work, business, communication or entertainment; in this globalized world, the most of people use internet daily at any time. That’s why everybody wants a faster and stronger connection, some contents demand it.

There are some internet providers that offers more speed for higher payments, but suddenly your connection turns extremely slow and you don’t why! How could you be sure that the speed you pay is the speed you have?  Figure it out is easier than you think and I’ll tell you how to do it!

  1. At first, you have to open your favorite browser; it can be Google.
  2. Search “internet speed test” on it; it’ll give you many options, I think the first one is the easiest, that’s which we’re going to use; it accords to this link: Click it.
  3. In the homepage will appear a bottom “go” and below this, the name of your connection and the place where you are; be sure these data are correct.
  4. Click the bottom “go” and will appear a speedometer that will calculate the speed of your internet connection. The program calculates the speed of three aspects: “ping”, “download” and “upload”, the numbers will be shown on screen.
  5. And now you will know if the speed you pay is the same of what you consume.
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