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Starving or not eating is bad for health

Starving or not eating is bad for health

Whenever an overweight person is asked to diet, they would always say that they would start but are not able to do so.  They cannot give up the temptation of eating and starve their body. We all know that food is energy and our body needs energy to live.

Starving means to keep body away from consumption of food. If food is energy then if there is no food for the body it means there is no energy. While starving the body gets the energy needed by breaking down the fat cells previously present in the body. Weight is reduced but you will soon find some effects by doing so. One of the effects is that you will definitely lose weight since during the time of starving the body consumes energy present in the body. The body finds it difficult to break down the fat cell and lose weight from the body.

Anabolism is another effect in which the energy of your body is used for moving your muscles and making your heart beat. Anabolism is the process in which the cell is built up in the body. Take for example, the body will need more energy for the formation of new skin cell around the wound in case if any portion of your body get wounded. Some of the drawbacks of starving are hair loss, skin problems, weakened immune system and you may land up with some of the malfunctions of the body. Once these factors are known, anyone will not prefer to starve.

The psychology of dieting also plays a vital role, as the starvation period will be of small intervals only. Dieting needs a strong will power and you will not be able to compromise it for long.

If you cut down one portion of the meal, then you will be tempted to take a bigger portion of the next meal. This will surely disturb your metabolism. Starving depends on one’s feeling and no one has perhaps seen a happy starving man. Both body and mind work together. With a starving body it will be difficult to walk and you will find yourself comfortable only with sleeping. This will lead to depression and you will not prefer your mind to go into depression state of mind.

You must have noticed that people who starved themselves lose weight dramatically and within a period of time gained back again. The body is a complex machine which continuously helps in preserving your life. Short term starving will enable you to lose weight but in the long term you will put on more weight that you had previously.

While making yourself starving, you may feel that there are no nutrients or minerals being taken in and you tend to eat more of the nutrients. This notion is wrong as the body takes the nutrients from the muscle tissue. The body gains the nutrients from the muscle tissues. Over a period of time, muscle tissue will be lost and your skin will drop with no tone. For a shorter period of time, the body will consume fat from your body.

When the body realizes it will not be able to gain nutrients then it will start to preserve the food already stored. This stored food in the body will turn into fat and this will leave the person with more fat in the body and less muscle tone. Starving yourself will end you up with gaining more weight and you may have to face many health problems. People from all over the world have suffered a lot by starving themselves in order to lose weight. An unhealthy starving body will only lead to gain more fat.

Doing of regular exercise and implementing some changes in your diet will enable you to lose weight effectively. Plan according for best course of action by doing exercise regularly to remain healthy and lose weight without causing damage to your health. Do not starve yourself at the cause of your health.


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