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12 Jan

Eye Flu symptoms Suffering from eye flu ? How to recover from eye flu – AC

Flu symptoms suffering from Eye Flu? What can be done What are the eye flu symptoms

Flu symptoms : A well known disease from which about each and every person suffers in some point of time you must know flu symptoms. Also known as conjunctivitis or pink eye( Pink eye is a flu symptoms ), is an infection of the thin transparent membrane over the white  part of eye. The blood vessels get swollen this leading to redness of the eyes. The severity varies from person to person.

The flu is generally accompanied with other respiratory infections. This disease is highly contagious and spreads from one person to another easily. Generally children are more susceptible to the infection. This is a common problem in cold or rainy season. The virus which causes eye flu is the same which causes common cold or cough.

If a person suffering from this disease rubs his eyes and then touches someone else, he or she also can get infected. Also the bacteria which causes the disease is same as the one responsible for ear infection.The symptoms can be redness of eyes, itching, pain, swelling or sensitivity to light.

Now the question is how to cure it?

  1. Potatoes: Place a potato slice on the eyelids.
  2. Rose water: Putting rose water in the eyes can help clearing the eyes.
  3. Tea bags: Moist chamomile tea bags bring about relief.
  4. Marigold:  Wash the eyes with the infusion made from marigold.
  5. Juice: carrot juice with spinach juice should be taken regularly.
  6. Indian gooseberry (Amla) : Drink Amla Juice daily.
  7. Triphala: Wash eyes with triphala water.

Myths regarding eye flu

  1. The disease doesn't spread by looking at each other.
  2. No eye drops can prevent catching eye flu.
  3. The virus causing eye flu is resistant to alcohol so use of hand sanitizer is not useful.
  4. Splashing frequently with tap water usually irritates the eyes. Also it washes away all the antibodies the body secretes in the tears to fight the infection.

Finally, it can take from three days to three weeks for the infection to resolve depending upon the factors causing it. The treatment can only control the Flu symptoms but not cure it. The immune cells of the body are enough to tackle them

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