14 Jan

How To Recover From Urine Infection And How To Recover from Blood Pressure – AC

How to recover from Urine Infection and how to recover from Blood Pressure,This Is The Solution For You

We all know that just by the name of summer, one fruit which we all remember and suddenly our mouth starts watering is watermelon. Apart from quenching our thirst and providing a coolant effect, it is of great medicinal and nutritional value. Hence, we can put it foremost among the fruit category.

But the question arises, that are there any real benefits so as to boast about? Let's find out these benefits:

  1. Body coolant: since it's a juicy fruit with a lot of water content, it acts as a body coolant. We can use the fruit (red flesh) boiled with honey, sugar and rose water in fever as a remedy. The fruit can also be used to reduce typhoid fever.
  2. Anti inflammatory:  it reduces the inflammation which leads to conditions like asthma, colon cancer, arthritis, atherosclerosis and diabetes.
  3. Prevents muscular degeneration: the age related degeneration of the muscles which is the primary cause for loss of vision in elderly people, can be reduced by 36% by having 3 or more servings per day.
  4. Anti cancerous: since watermelon is a rich source of lycopene, it reduces a man’s risk of developing the most dreaded prostate cancer. It is also beneficial against breast cancer, lung cancer, endometrial cancer and colorectal cancer.
  5. Treats hypertension: the presence of citrulline and arginine helps in blood vessel dilatation. One can also consume 10 seeds ground well with milk in order to cure hypertension.
  6. Urine infection: one can take dried seed powder with ghee or milkin order to get relief from urinary infections. T is also an excellent diuretic.
  7. Improves insulin sensitivity: it's good for improving insulin sensitivity in type 2 obese diabetic patients.
  8. Skin care: it is rich in vitamin A, B and C, as such it helps in keeping the skin fresh, hydrated and radiant. It is an excellent remedy for blemishes, and also good for maintaining texture and elasticity of  the skin.

Hence from the above points we can easily say that watermelon can be placed foremost amongst the fruits.

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