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15 Jan

Pro Aging-How You Can Achieve That – AC

Pro Aging-How You Can Achieve That

The Basics of Pro-Aging

Over the years, thousands of people have searched for the evasive Fountain of Youth, and though have claimed to discover it, for most, it remains a hidden secret. Great strides have been made in finding the secrets to aging healthfully and lengthening the lifespan, but there’s still process to be made. As much as you may wish otherwise, all people know there’s no magic pill for longevity and good health. It requires hard work, commitment and sometimes even denial of self, such as giving up bad eating habits, couch potato lifestyle and the stressful schedules so many addicted to.

            You may not think just how much control you have over how long you live, and we don’t necessarily mean that in a proper way. Seemingly simple choices you make every single day may have the biggest profound impact on your health.

            The earlier in life you choose to follow a lifestyle of disease prevention, the better you can lower the risks of developing chronic disease. Chronic disease come from a wide variety of factors, some of which you can control such as lifestyle habits and others you can’t, like your age and genetics.

            The first step to avoid the most noxious and preventable threats to your health and aging is don’t smoke. If you already do, stop. This is a prominent step as smoking increases the risks for the top three killers which are heart disease, cancer and cardiovascular disease, including strokes. It also damages your lungs and the other parts of the respiratory organ. At least 60 hazardous chemicals in cigarette smoke cause cancer.

            Besides, the second step is to limit alcohol consumption. If you take alcohol, no more than two drinks a day are safe for men, and one or fewer drinks a day for a woman.  Women are likely to have liver damage from taking two or more drinks a day than men are, so it’s specifically important for women to keep alcohol consumption to one or fewer drinks a day. If you are pregnant, you should be careful as it can be extremely harmful for the fetus.

            Moreover, maintain a healthy, balanced diet. We can’t overstate the significance of a balanced diet and healthy diet as you age. A poor diet can lead to many health problems, including osteoporosis, heart disease and Alzheimer. Eating well, on the other hand, make you look and feel great, keeps your body performing optimally, wards off colds and illness, and contributes to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

            In addition, manage your stress wisely. Stress causes the release of the hormones from the body which give a protective effect on the body but chronic stress makes hormones to hang around longer than normal and cause the formation of free radicals. Although stress don’t cause death directly, they do contribute to aging.

            Furthermore, get enough sleep regularly. The body uses this time for healing and growth. Your body produces many essential hormones for proper functioning during the deepest sleep stages. Sleep irregularity can have a direct impact on some disorders, such as epilepsy and migraines.

            There’s nothing terribly complex about living a healthy lifestyle. So, why are more people falling prey to partially preventable ailments every year? Living a healthier lifestyle is nine-tenths attitude change and one tenths real hard work. This type of good attitude pushes you forward for a better lifestyles and healthier aging.

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