31 Jan

Things To Consider Before Booking Room In Hotels

Whenever on roads, the thing that comforts you most is the hotel room where you stay during the trip. It can be the next home for you to slow down, take long naps, rest, and rejuvenate for the next destination. But what if, that homely comfort is missing as well as the services are not of par excellence as expected.

Well, the fault is all yours! Yes, it is you, who did not select it prudently and if you had, then this would not have been the situation. 

So, what you shall do to land on exquisite services with no hole in your pocket? You shall do and you must do all the below-mentioned, but for that, you first need to read them.

Here it goes, your quick tips to be considered before booking a room in hotels:

Tip 1 :- Book a room in hotel, situated in the main city

situated in the main city

situated in the main city

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Being situated in the city, it is supposed to be well connected from all transports, tourists’ places, markets, etc. However, you can just imagine the situation where you are in a hotel room at the brink of the city! Isn’t that felt somewhat like an extra-terrestrial living far in a milky way! Well, jokes apart, but do not let go this important factor in-joke. It will be good for you to access anything, anytime, if your hotel is pretty reachable and accessible from all corners of the city.

Tip 2 :- See if a room in the hotel is not digging a hole in your pocket

Yes, money! Money is the king and you need it anyhow to purchase the best of the bestest and rare of the rarest facilities. Therefore, do not let that flow like water because, water has water cycle, but  money does not haWi-Five. So conserve it! Before booking, compare 2-3 hotels on the basis of money and services. If one hotel weighs heavier on services and less on money than another, then jump in. Otherwise, do not come in radius.

Tip 3 :- Free is available



See whether free Wi-Fi is available because being not available is not on the menu so far. The reason behind this is that, sometimes you move out of the country, getting your SIM services blocked, and thus no internet connectivity. Now imagine a day without updating Facebook and Instagram about your latest trips, Selfies, Coolfies and Groupies!!Bingo you got that right.

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Tip 4 :- Free Breakfast is on the menu

how to make pancakes

Think of the early morning platter your wife and your presenting to you! Awesome, is not it! But that platter cannot be carried everywhere on your trips also, you certainly do not want the early morning hassle to locate a good food joint and simmer you in. Therefore, always select a room in hotels, which provide breakfast free. Otherwise, the hotel is not worthy.

Tip 5 :- Good words do count, see their public testimonial

When you approach any services, you want a degree of reliance. But how you will judge that whether or whether not the services of the hotels are to be trusted. Very simple, see the website and customer testimonials. If the hotel has more ups than downs, just book it otherwise again, do not come in the radius!

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