06 Jan

How to Save Your Feet From Extreme Cold And Keep Them Warm – AC

This Trick Will Save Your Feet From Extreme Cold And Keep Them Warm

 Winters comes every year and one thing you are about to face is extreme cold and days which will squeeze your body.No worry what you should buy there will be some parts which are always outside and will be exposed to the outside weather.Imagine if you are in Russia or in some part of Siberia and you are heading for your work ,you have covered your body completely and feeling the warmth of your sweater and jacket.But then slowly you realize that some thing is not right and you feel numbness and there you know that your feet are going cold.No option at that time and we have to bear that pain.

What i did to save myself from winters is buying smart warm clothes and wear few layers of them.But then here comes the tricky part when after covering yourself completely you still feel that some part of your body is going numb and that is our feets,no matter what you do ,how you do and how much you do.They will definitely go cold and then you will feel the real cold.

I have even tried 3 layers of socks and some times best quality shoes but still the result are as it is same.once they get cold then its impossible to bring them back to normal state.
But here in this video you will see something which will change the way you face winters.It is a really awesome trick and very effective to save your feet from extreme cold.You just need to buy a sun shield and put into your shoes and then see the magic.It will retain your body heat and prevent your feet from outside cold.

Just cut the sheet properly according to your shoe size and place it.I am sure with this method you will enjoy more in winters.

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