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17 Sep

Top 13 Worst Cities In The World You Must Know – AC

Top worst cities in the world: Now it's easier to visit than ever distant places of the world. In some places, however, are avoided because of dangerous conditions. Some dangerous places on the other side are also desirable tourist destinations. If you decide to visit these places, you have to at least be aware to take the risks and also take an appropriate precautions.

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Here are the list of 13 worst cities in the world.

1. Caracas, Venezuela

this is the capital of Venezuela which is currently facing a crisis involving drug gangs. It includes such crimes:

  • Street crime
  • Such as robberies
  • And thefts are frequent

So this country does not allow a destination for more tourists because this country is on the list of worst cities. Many other cities of Venezuela have a high crime rate.

2. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Problems with Mexican drug traffickers are familiar and Ciudad Juarez is one of the worst cities right now in Mexico country. The police frequently used or payable on drug gangs that mean that many crimes go unpunished.

3. Cape Town, South Africa

Because of the spread of poverty and social unrest in the city, which suffers from a high crime rate. Although many tourists are attracted to South Africa for its natural beauty and proximity to nature reserves and other attractions, Cape Town can be on the list of worst cities. You can enjoy a visit to this city, where the most dangerous sections are avoided and do not travel alone at night.

4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Many Brazilian cities have high crime rates that include such crimes:

  • Rape
  • Murder
  • Personal injuries

And some cities are more dangerous than Rio de Janeiro. However, Rio is by far the most popular Brazilian tourist destination and it is worth focusing here. Rio is safer that it was not there for ten years but street crime are still prevalent in many areas, especially at night. You can enjoy the resorts and beaches of this city, but should be common sense to take precautions. This is the 4th worst cities in the world.

5. Guatemala city, Guatemala

This city is always been the worst cities in the world. Even though Guatemala, a Central American country in the Caribbean, has many attractions and is a nation that is plagued by drug violence. It has a high rate of homicides and other common crimes include street robberies, assaults and kidnappings of cars, bus. It is recommended that if you visit Guatemala to safer areas and remain the prevention of Guatemala.

6. Acapulco, Mexico

it was not long ago, this city was considered as a watch, luxury area and it becomes the worst cities in the world. While tourism remains popular in Acapulco, drug violence was made this place a dangerous area. Recent statistics show that this city has one of the highest murder rates in the world over -142 per 100,000 people. People visiting Acapulco recommended to remain in possession of the centers where they are, like most crimes will occur in the surrounding areas.

7. Baghdad, Iraq

Bombings, shootings and other violent events are often in Iraq. The country on the list of no travel for Americans for many years and Baghdad remains the worst cities in the world. The future of Iraq is highly uncertain that US troops leave the country. This is another country that does not feel comfortable in the foreseeable future. While the violence in Baghdad is usually unpredictable outbreaks of terrorism, it is not a place people can visit without reason.

8. Kabul, Afghanistan

this was one of the worst cities in the world for a while. There is still a war zone, although US troops were gradually expelled. Terrorist attacks including disseminated many attacks. Kabul is facing a very uncertain future and is likely to be a very dangerous place for the foreseeable future. As Baghdad, Kabul a city where violence can occur at any time.

Look at these 5 next worst cities that have 90% crime rates:

9. Karachi, Pakistan

Pakistan has experienced a lot of political unrest and crime and terrorism and it is the worst cities in the world. The killings are widespread, and the suicide attacks and gang warfare. Karachi is one of the centers of violence and advised tourists to avoid this city.

10. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

This city has been ranked as one of the worst cities in the world for several years. After many sources, it has the highest murder rate in the world -169 per 100,000 people. Arms trafficking is a big issue, and illegal arms are spread all over the city. San Pedro Sula is a city that tourists would do well to avoid.

11. Sana'a, Yemen

Yemen is in West Asia and is at the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. Bordered by Saudi Arabia and Oman in the east, the country is struggling with political instability, will take as much as the story. The fact that Yemen is considered a developing country is not lost to us, such as violence in most major cities. Sanaa is a beautiful city, which is filled with old beautiful architecture and vibrant culture but now it becomes the worst cities in the world.

12. St. Louis – USA
we should mention one of the divided cities in the US, so we decided to make a list of St. Louis. St. Louis and the surrounding area were largely but before the city was been hit hard by the violence and disparate poverty in the news for Ferguson riots. Despite the success of sports franchises and a good place in the Midwest, a destination is St. Louis to avoid rather an easy trip. This city also has more crime rates and also on the list of worst cities in the world.

13. Nairobi, Kenya

Let’s check out the last city in the list of worst cities in the world. Like many other countries in South America also on this list, Africa also suffers violent cities harassed in a beautiful place. Nairobi makes our list as a growing city that has suffered almost permanent war and violence. Al Shabaab has left almost all their mark on the city and the violent activists as an attractive destination to come visit.



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