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Top 10 Water Treatment Companies In India

Water treatment is the method which makes water more suitable for a complete use which can be ideal for drinking procedure.

Water treatment must remove the current water pollutants from pure water for a great atmosphere.

The procedure included in the treatment of water is used for the drinking pure water. Water filtration is the removal of pollutants from without treatment water to generate the pure water.

The operation of water treatment removes the waste pollutants from standard water and will make it useful for drinking. Many of the organizations are engaged in several jobs like waste water filtration, pure water, sewage water treatment, commercial and public treatment, effluent standard water producing and a lot more.

Water Treatment organizations are playing a big part in India’s Life Line by giving treatment in sewage water and Effluent water treatment, Manufacturing waste water sector & public, normal water by work with methods like filtration, reverse osmosis, chemical treatment method, sedimentation and making use of electromagnetic radiation.

Read this article till the end to know the top 10 water treatment companies in India:-

1. Thermax. D Ltd

Thermax. D Ltd. is an Indian environment and energy technology. Organization based in Indian and The UK. It produces, heating boilers, fumes consumption machines. Thermax is also an ancient brand name of heating boilers. Meher Pudumjee is the founder of Thermax Ltd.

2. VA Technical Wabag GmbH

VA Technical Wabag GmbH is an international organization with dual head office in Chennai, India. Max Reder is the founding father of VA Technical Wabag GmbH in 1925. This is the biggest in the entire world expert in water treatment for public and commercial users. The organization has completed a maximum of 6000 projects.

3. GE water

GE water and process technology provides water treatment, waste water therapy and water procedure solutions. Its item profile contains Cooling structure therapy, filters, walls, boiler water therapy, Reverse Osmosis (RO), water systematic instruments, waste water therapy and a lot more. The Company has an important marketplace share in Industrial water treatment in Indian.

4. Siemens

Siemens has an important marketplace share in water treatment industry in addition to its main business of electrical and electronics products. Its item profile contains waste water therapy, processed water, water treatment plant, Drinking water therapy, and public and commercial waste water treatment systems. Siemens is also rated one of the top 10 water treatment companies in India.

5. Hindustan Dorr-Oliver LTD

Hindustan Dorr-Oliver LTD continues to be offering state-of-art technology alternatives to its customers for approximately 8 years now. HDO Technologies gives full variety of technological innovation alternatives in-house and allows us to have total control through delivery time and high quality. HDO Technologies, offers complete variety of technology alternatives in-house, allowing us to have total control over delivery time and high quality.

6. WOG Technologies

WOG Technologies is a world best in offering assigned management of water, waste water alternatives and environmentally friendly generation for the commercial and municipal customer. WOG Technologies provides a different and maintained solutions for its clients for their particular requirements through a huge selection of solutions and modern solutions.

7. UEM India Pvt. Ltd

Recognized in the year 1975, UEM group is customized in offering turnkey solution in the waste water and Water treatment. The organization has finished more than 360+ commercial and Industrial the water therapy projects over 50 countries around the world such as India, United States of America, Thailand and South Africa.

8. SFC Environmental Technologies PVT LTD

One of the top 10 waste water treatment organizations in Indian, SFC Environmental technologies Pvt LTD is a part of SFC group and has workplaces in 8 countries such as India. The organization began India operation in the year 2006 experience in commercial sewage water treatment and waste water for Companies, metro towns and cities.

9. Ion exchange India ltd

Among the top water treatment companies in Indian, ION exchange is a leading organization which began in 1965. An ISO 9001:2008 authorized organization and service providing contains the water treatment, the water recycle, Chemical water treatment, and waste water treatment etc. it is a public organization specific in offering total h2o control solutions globally for everyone homes, residential areas and industry. In addition to developing design engineering, process engineering and project control software, the organization will take complete liability of planning, handling and developing h2o on quantity, environmental, supply fronts discharge, and quality.

10. Voltas limited

Voltas is located in Vienna and Chennai, and world’s biggest manufacturing the water treatment company established in 1934. Its product or service providing includes Water remedy, sea water desalination, Commercial water therapy, waste water treatment and sludge therapy.

The requirement of normal water that is clean has pushed many opponents to leap in water treatment industry. Including the water of Indian rivers is not fresh and they want treatment before making use of it.

In India industry you will discover many organizations who delivering RO, Ultra-violet technology, hi-tech innovative treatment risk-free water for sectors, homes, municipalities, offices etc.

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