Top 5 Scary Movies
10 Jul

Top 5 Scary Movies: Dare Not Watch It Alone

Top 5 Scary Movies

So, this weekend you have thought of watching a thumb prickling horror movie? Well this is not a good choice if you are alone at your home, since the list of horror films present might leave sleepless nights. Don’t panic and get perplexed as here is a list of horror movies that will give you goose bumps not only with the ghostly appearance, but also exceptional resolution and heart trembling sound effects.

So let’s start from old and popular horror movies to the recent scary movies

The Exorcist:

popular horror movie The Exorcist

horror movies ExorcistImage Source

horror movie The ExorcistThe image itself gives the feel of numbness in the spinal. This is a classic horror film of all time that never fails to snatch away your sleep of tiredness out of you. Released in the year 1973, a story young girl who was possessed by the evil, captivates audiences till now. The creepy revolving of the head and unnatural position combined with the terrifying sound effects surely is going to ruin your weekend and make you feel someone is following you.

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horror movies PoltergeistImage Source

Released in the year 1982, Poltergeist is another creepy horror film that you definitely need to give a position in your wishlist. horror movies Poltergeist

This movie differs a lot from other conventional horror movies with terrifying face structure, as the demon has no face and which in reality, adds to the fear factor. horror movies PoltergeistImage Source

It is a family oriented film who lives in California suddenly start facing supernatural activities in their home. Don’t dare to watch it alone as the creepiness might leave you start feeling scared at your home.

The Blair Witch Project:

scary movie The Blair Witch ProjectImage Source

This creepy horror film was released in the year 1999 and its scary scenes dragged the audiences to the theatres. scary movie The Blair Witch ProjectImage Source

The movie created a buzz around the audience and is still being listed from one of the creepiest movies. The director of this movie created an x-factor by not putting any ghost, serial killers and vampires, but by showing the fear in a different manner. scary movie The Blair Witch ProjectImage Source

It is actually very hard to describe the film, but the terrified expressions when stalked by an evil in the woods and the real footage in the start of the film, reaches the fever pitch.

The Conjuring 2:

new scary movies - The Conjuring 2

We know how scary The Conjuring is, and its sequel has raised its graph to a huge level. This film encompasses around a family and the paranormal activities witnessed in the house is going to raise the scare factor. Larraine Warren and Ed (Patrick Wilson) travel to Enfield which is a region in North London where they meet a single mother with four kids. Here they were being told by the mother about the paranormal activities. new scary movies - The Conjuring 2Image Source

The couple didn’t believe the story until they found some supernatural signs with the youngest daughter. As they started helping the possessed girl, they became the next target of the evil spirits. This is one of the recent horror movies released in 2016 that have almost killed people with its dreaded scenes, sound effects and paranormal activities.

The Other Side of the Door:

horror movies - The Other Side of the DoorImage Source

This is one of the well-known and tissue numbing new scary movies that got released in the year 2016. The movie is actually of a restless spirit of a boy who lost his life in an accident. horror movies - The Other Side of the DoorImage Source

Maria, who is the mom, was in a guilt feeling after she loses her son Oliver. She was in a trance and grief, so she thought of communicating with her son after hearing about a Hindu temple where people used to visit to talk with the spirits for bidding a last goodbye. horror movies - The Other Side of the DoorImage Source

But the grief filled mother disobeys the rules and opens a door that served as enigmatic portal, resulting in giving the spirit of the boy return home. The exceptional sound effects and camera effects done with the movie makers will make you restless. 

These creepy horror movies will make you numb and leave you insomniac by sleepless nights. Whether it is the spirit or the exceptional sound effects, dare not watch these films alone in the house. Your weekend might turn creepy after watching these films.

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