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04 Apr

Why marriage quotes Top things men should avoid to save Their Marriage life relationship

Why marriage quotes Top things men should avoid to save Their Marriage life relationship

So you’re a man whose marriage at the mercy of your wife who might feel fed up and wants to take her leave from you? Do you feel not satisfied in your relationship and you want to find a fix for this?

Marriage is a very fragile thing, although it is more intact than casual relationships. Marriage binds two partners into a family and builds legal grounds for the partners to have children as well as take care of each other.

But as much as marriage looks so good, it is not an everlasting platform. It has so many things that can terminate it. Ranging from financial to reasons specific to a couple, marriage cannot be stable unless the partakers of it are serious enough to openly take actions that will save their marriages. Such people understand the importance of marriage and if you are one of them, you would avoid the following things as a man to keep your marriage intact:

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Cheating and affairs one of the top resion reason why marriage quotes

Cheating and affairsImage Source

This is one of the very major enemies of any successful marriage.  A married man may be unable to overcome the affairs he had before marriage. He might be of the idea that he could have a side chick that he can entertain in the absence of his wife. This is a terrible reasoning and would surely terminate your marriage.

If you really care about your marriage and the person you have married, please avoid cheating may be the cause of marriage quotes. There are several reasons why cheating is really hated by married partners. Let me give you some reasons:

  • It makes your partner feel like she is unsatisfactory for you. You make her feel like you think she is not the best for you and that you would rather have someone else instead of her. It might also show low opinion of your partner.
  • Cheating makes your partner very jealous. This is very obvious as you might have experienced this yourself already. Jealousy arises from the fact that cheating on your partner is a show that the person you are cheating on her with is better than her may be the cause of marriage quotes.
  • Cheating shows distrust. Sometimes, people who cheat on their partners think that their partners are also cheating on them may be the cause of marriage quotes .
  • Cheating might infect you with diseases such as AIDS and other STIs. Eventually, you’d transmit these to your partner, who would suffer from the diseases that you brought into the family from your outside affairs. Notice that some of these diseases are fatal and may actually result in death of your wife, as well as yourself. This is a major risk in your marriage that you must avoid at all costs may be the cause of marriage quotes .
  • Cheating results in misuse of family resources especially finances. As a man, you’d mostly be expected to be the one to entertain your outside spouse. This could end up misusing a huge lump sum of finances that could have been used for your family’s well-being may be the cause of marriage quotes .
  • Cheating can make you abandon your family. This happens when you begin seeing your outside spouse as better than your wife, or she somehow convinces you that she is the best for you and you eventually start neglecting your duties and in the end, separate yourself from your family in order to please your outside spouse. This is a terrible move, especially if you have children who depend on you. You neglect them but they would somehow survive to a reasonable age, then they find out you are the father who neglected them may be the cause of marriage quotes .

It is very easy to see why cheating is such an unforgivable thing and would surely destroy your marriage, even if your partner does not find out.

So why risk all that? Why don’t you just keep away from cheating, and if you are already cheating, why not tell your outside spouse that you are happily married with a family and do not want to cheat on your wife? The best action against this menace in marriage is to avoid it totally.

Alcoholism and drug addiction also reason why marriage quotes

drug-addictionImage Source

Being an addict to any drug is a major problem to anyone, not only to those married. Usually, when under the influence of these drugs, they change how your mind to certain things. This may result in you putting unnecessary pressure on your wife and putting forth impossible demands that you’d enforce at any cost.

Drugs may influence you to partake in domestic violence, which is a sure killer of marriages.

Drugs will corrupt your mind as well as your body. To mention a few, smoking results in many kinds of caner including lung cancer, throat cancer and tumours.This is why the game GTA Vice City has the cheat code for cigarette as ‘certaindeath.’  Alcohol causes liver cirrhosis which when untreated, results in sure death. These are all killer diseases and any sensible man will stay away from these as much as possible.

Apart from the diseases that directly from the drugs, drug abuse can also influence the transmission of STIs. This is because a person under the influence of drugs may not be able to make decisions as sound as a person free of these drugs. An alcoholic is likely to find himself having an affair with a person he has never known due to the drug influence. This person might be having STIs of her own which would be transmitted from her to yourself and eventually to your wife.

Drug usage can also drain family resources may be the cause of marriage quotes . This is very obvious as most of these drugs are neither manufactured at home nor distributed for free. You as the consumer must buy these drugs day in day out and would end up depleting the family finances for your own usage. Over time, you would accumulate debts and would be unable to pay. This could result in major catastrophes for yourself as well as your family at large.

Most drugs are very addictive. Once you set off consuming them, it becomes very hard to stop yourself from consuming them. This is the reason why keeping away from these drugs is the best measure to keep yourself from becoming an addict. Keep off!

But if the damage is already done, you have the option of taking yourself to a rehabilitation centre to have your ways rectified for an easier life. Save your marriage by taking yourself back to normal.

Domestic violence is the reason why marriage quotes

Domestic violence

Except for some few instances in movies, the man of the family is usually the strongest in the house. This means that you are obviously stronger than your wife and she lives at your mercy. But really? Are you going to abuse her just because you are stronger? Are you going to make her pay for every wrong she commits? Do you know that she also has the power to beat you if she wanted?

Domestic violence is a major problem in many families and arises from many misunderstandings where the man thinks he is everything to the family. The man may have put himself way above the wife and would resolve to physically beating the wife each time there is an argument. This is the 21stCentury and no man should ever think of beating his wife for whatsoever reason, be it reasoned misunderstanding or influence of drugs or whatsoever other reasons there may be that could cause for such.

Always be watchful when it comes to controlling your temper on your wife. Do not ever think of solving things the military way. It’s a family you are dealing with, not some soldiers. Always be fair and avoid domestic violence.

Comparing your wife to others oops is another reason why marriage quotes

This is not such a common thing in the list of what destroys marriages, but it has its share. When you compare your wife to others, you are very likely to take her faults very seriously and would end up developing new looks on her. This isn’t the best thing to do to your wife as you’d eventually lose feelings for her and would see her like anyone else. This could influence you to cheat on her or worse still decide to divorce her for no apparent reason.

When you do this comparison and she happens to find out that you are comparing her to others, it’s a most likely outcome that she would tell you to go to that person of preference, and most men would take this offensive. This can destroy the long built relationship and actually end up in broken marriage. This is both heart-breaking to your wife as well as yourself.

Just be satisfied with your wife the way she is, whereas minding to tell her what she can change in herself to make her better is the better option other than just comparing her to others that you think are better than her. Do not break her. Keep your feelings intact.

5.Dishonesty is also reason why marriage quotes


Not that men are dishonest by default but at times, some men tend to be too dishonest in their dealings. It becomes habit when you keep telling your wife lies just because you think she won’t find out the truth.

The problem arises when she constantly finds out the truth from other sources other than yourself. She would bring up the issue but many men would respond very unpredictably when found out. Some would resolve to violence while others just deny the facts. Either way, she would eventually get fed up with lies, just as anyone would be fed up. Lies are not the best things to trade in.

A dishonest person can never be trusted, a person who cannot be relied upon. It would be very inappropriate for your wife to hold you in such a position. Not only would she lose her belief in you, but also stop viewing you as the real man that you should be. This is very likely to end up in her placing herself way above you, and in the end, make life hard when she’s in the front line in family administration since you are just that person that cannot be trusted.

A man, a real man, should be the one to correct his lies told to his wife before she finds out the truth from somewhere else. He should take the bold step to tell her that he lied to her some time ago, give her his reason for this, then apologize and promise not to repeat. And not only should he promise but should he also keep this promise. This is very likely to restore trusteven when she hears the truth from somewhere else.

However, the best way to keep your trust intact is actually keeping away from lies, unless you must lie, but always give a reason for this. And most of all, make sure she knows the truth afterwards, not necessarily when you tell her this lie.

To sum it up reason why marriage quotes

happy relationshipImage Source

Always keep in mind that your wife is human, just as you are. Always gauge anything you plan on doing to her before actually taking any action. Make sure you are okay if this was to be done back to you. This is the only true way of keeping your wife always interested and having her belief and trust in you.  I mean, would you take it when your wife thinks you are a brat, even she hasn’t told you? It would be very catastrophic to have this happen.

Always be truthful to your wife, let your wife be herself without having to compare her with others, be soft with your wife, keep away from all drugs as these will never help you in any manner (except medicinal ones); and last and most important, do not cheat on your wife. This will build an impenetrable wall around your marriage and you’d live that kind of successful life you’ve always wanted.

Otherwise, I’d urge you to follow these tips to keep your marriage secure. They are not any kind of laws, but as a man of substance who is wise, following these tips would pay. And one thing that you should never forget, your wife is human and deserves human treatment.

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