The Trade Secrets of Online Brands

Creativity is the best way for customer connectivity. Trade secret is one of such creativity responsible for the success of successful online brands now a days. Online brands that are growing at an emphatic rate from past few years have their own trade secrets. These trade secrets play a simple yet pivotal role in the success of the online brands. The trade secret can be a formula, process, instrument, design, a set of information, or a commercial technique.

The online brands who have successfully managed to grow in size have followed some important tricks. These are open trade secrets. The points they followed and we should mark are-

Secure your audience before launching your brand-

Securing the audience before launching the store is very important as it gives you some base for making profit before even you put your hat to the ring. Instead of putting a large number of remarkable images, quite interesting product descriptions and playing the game of SEO and waiting for the customers if you prefer the pre-launch registration strategy you can assure yourself more visitors. The pre-launch strategy can give you customers 20,000+ customers at opening day itself. Reputed online brands like Fab, Stripe and Harry’s followed it by having email subscribers before the launch of their stores. Even Harry’s co-founder Jeff Raider claimed that they managed to even get 100,000 subscribers in a week. Getting these many subscribers in a week is not that easy as it needs proper planning. Harry and the other co-founder Andy met many showcased their vision to virtually everyone they can before their week long pre-launch program went live. Many online brand founders make a simple and common mistake i.e., they make their website then they plan to get the audience but the ones who get the success do the total opposite of it. You should start early, if you are looking to have a reasonable number of audience before the launch. Ambitious online brands go aggressive in gaining exposures for their brands during 6-9 months period before the launch of their brands which guarantees a buzz in public regarding the brand. Sponsoring small blogging sites having passionate readers’ base, online advertising and referral marketing are some common ways to do it. Noah did the same before the launch of its online brand Mint eyeing 100,000 users on the launch day itself. It went a step ahead by building contact with 25 influential finance bloggers. Back in India, Aditya Birla did the same before launching Abof successfully. So, the quite simple idea is to get audience before you start the show.

Identity of the brand-

Online brands which become successful reveal their strong brand identity with their unique value proposition. It gives them edge over the market. The major way to do this is social networking websites. Reaching social media with optimized content and awesome pictures including logo attracts audiences to the brand if these contents and pictures are related to the brand’s works. Big online brands like Flipkart and Snapdeal are a great example of this. They are very active in big social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. This technique gives them a huge advantage over their other competitors.

For doing all these digital marketing agencies come to play. They are experts in this field which guarantees you the success if your products are good enough to be used by the public. So, if you are interested to reach the tall heights of the successful online brands then Globbering is ready to assist you in the journey of your success. We see your success as our dream business.

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