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13 Sep

Amazing 5 Exercises You Should Be Doing For Stronger And Thicker Triceps – AC

Amazing 5 Triceps Exercises: If you're looking to pack size on your triceps and maximize the development of your arms, the construction of the long head of the triceps is an important step in this process.

Indeed, triceps represent two-thirds of the total mass of the arms and the long head is the largest of the three individual heads inside.

Despite the three heads perform the function of basic elbow extension, the long head of the triceps is unique in that, unlike the lateral and medial heads, it cross the shoulder joint and also helps in the function of shoulder expansion.

For this reason, the best triceps exercises, triceps long head and shoulder exercises are those that start in a curved position, because it extends the length of the head and causes it to take most of the load during lifting.

In other words, if you want the best long head triceps education, you need to place your main goal of the above extension exercises.

Now, remember, if you do any triceps exercises involving basic elbow extension, you can always hit the three heads of the triceps, to a certain extent. So whether it is the general enhancements, skull crushers, Pushdowns, commissions or close grip presses and dips, triceps long head always be activated independently.
However, if your goal is to put the focus on the long end and shift more focus to specific parts of your arms, the next 5 triceps exercises are my best options.

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1. One-Arm Overhead Cable Extension

Whenever it comes to isolation triceps exercises for the triceps to which cables are still my first choice. In fact, they provide a consistent curve strength compared to free weights and most weightlifters put less stress on the elbow as well.

One arm extended overhead lines targeted the long head, because they will keep the triceps under constant tension during the entire work, and helped each other to work independently to treat/ prevent the best choice for the potential size and strength imbalances.

In order to perform these with the proper form, simply hold the cable without using any attachments, and keep away from the face.

From there, while holding your back straight, just go up with your elbow extension cords until your triceps fully contracted then lower it back down until you feel a very comfortable stretch.

2. Overhead Rope Extensions

This is another variant of the highly effective cable and operates the same basic shape, except that they use a chain accessories and perform the triceps exercises with both arms simultaneously.

Again, just make sure that your back is straight and elbows cannot be over open, and added a contraction in the long head of the triceps, focus on the separate pull rope upon each repetition. This triceps exercises will you to make thicker arms.

3. One-Arm Overhead Dumbbell Extensions

This triceps exercises is the best for thicker arms. If you do not have access to cable (or if you prefer just to weight), then a weight of more expansion will be your next stop.

I prefer the change to an arm for the same reason as above (to avoid strength/size imbalances) because it allows your arms and shoulders to move in a natural movement.

The basic shape is the same here. Just drag a dumbbell with one hand and extending to the head, then slowly lower your back, until you press it up before returning to comfort stretch. This triceps exercises will you to make thicker arms

4. Two-Arm Overhead Dumbbell Extensions

This triceps exercises is done with a single dumbbell simultaneously both arms. It can be done sitting or standing, but because it will be a heavy disc here is probably easier to get in position with the seat release.

To execute them at any place within the plate side of the dumbbell with both hands, and then press it overhead. Therefore, the weight behind the head lower, bending your elbows as far is convenient, and then the dumbbell triceps extend are fully contracted.

5. French Presses

This triceps exercises is the best for me. Last on the list of long head triceps is an extension of the basic overload with EZ-curl bar or straight bar. Personally, I put these as the last choice on my list, because I feel a little awkward to lock in the hands of such a fixed bar, but if you can comfortably perform the triceps exercises, it's definitely an acceptable option.

I suggest you to going with an EZ-CUR bar if you have 1 available since the angle of the handle will take you to a more natural wrist position.

Simply sit on a bench against the best support with the back, press the bar overhead, then extended it to perform standard triceps extension up through the lower of your head and behind back bars.

Additional things to consider

When it comes to any extension of the overhead triceps exercises, the focus should always be on the control.

These movements should not be executed or explosion with plenty of momentum, because it can easily be too much emphasis on the shoulder and elbow, and led to problems down the road.

To maintain an appropriate weight and each representative of a range of at least 8 higher training, and with the long head of the triceps maximize tension, rather than simply moving the weight of the object point A to B.

Remember also that the skull crusher exercise is effective for triceps long head movement as well, but because of the cost of expansion on the shoulder to full flexion, they will still be the largest superior choice you're looking long head activated. All these above Triceps exercises will help you for thicker arms.

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