How to Turn Your Female Friend into a Girlfriend: Are you stuck in a situation where you are drawn irresistibly towards your female friend and want to graduate one step further from just being her best friend? If you are stuck in the dilemma of wishing to turn your best friend who happens to be a girl into your girlfriend then this article would fulfill your dreams! This is an awkward situation to be in for you are always caught in the dichotomy of wanting to move forward as well as trying not to jeopardize your existing friendship in the process. But if you play your cards right, you might be able to achieve both your aims without having to compromise on either of them.

The following points below indicate the route that you should take while trying to turn your female friend into a girlfriend:

Read the Signs to Get Your Timing Right:


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If you want to turn your female friend into a girlfriend, before making a further move on her, try to get a sense of what is going on in her mind. There is always a possibility (and sometimes it might be an overwhelming one) that she might be interested in you too which makes you job a whole lot easier. However, to gauge her mindset, you need to be rather perceptive and vigilant. Deciphering her intentions is also important for getting the right timing since you don’t want to lose a friend in your attempt to get a girlfriend. This will help you to turn your female friend into a girlfriend:

Distance yourself from her:


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If you want to turn your female friend into a girlfriend, if you were best friend who was available for her always at her beck and call, then you need to stop doing so and learn to ignore her sometimes too. Reduce the number of times you text, call or email her. Make her notice your absence and want to reach out to you. Although that doesn’t translate to you just cutting her off, just lessen the intensity of time you used to spend with her.

Get Suggestive with Your Body Language:


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You should attempt to communicate your feelings through certain small gestures, for instance increasing eye contact with her, holding on a little longer onto the handshakes and hugs, compliments on physical appearance would signal to her that you are now noticing her in a new light. Be a bit more direct and suggestive when you are looking at her, but again don’t make her feel uncomfortable about it. It should be done gradually so that it doesn’t seem inappropriate to her and help you to turn your female friend into a girlfriend

Portray yourself as Boyfriend material:

Show her that you are perfect boyfriend material by at your best behavior and revealing to her a side she might not seen previously. Make an attempt to dress better when you are with her and make sure she notices. Show her your caring side by going out of your way to help her; care and thoughtfulness are considered extremely drool-worthy in men according to women. Girls absolutely love it when you actually listen and take the time out to truly appreciate them if you want to turn your female friend into a girlfriend. Be the perfect gentlemen, bringing the retro back by opening doors and pulling out chairs for her, which is an irresistible trait any girl would fall for.

Drop Subtle Hints:

If you want to turn your female friend into a girlfriend, make her feel extra-special by dropping off certain hints (subtle to start with, but more brazen judging by her reaction). Try to pamper her and fulfill all her whims and fancies in an attempt to bridge the distance between you. Take note of how she responds, if she seems comfortable with it, then you're on the right track! Also, make at attempt to flirt with her, by playfully teasing her or touching her lightly such that she apprehends that she is being treated a little differently from other girls. Let her see that you are not just flirtatious for the sake of it, but that you are directing your romantic feelings toward her.

The transition from the typical Friend zone into the boyfriend zone can go horribly wrong if you behave unsuitably and try to be a pushover. Hence, keep taking notes from her reactions and changing your strategy to ultimately alter your position in her life and making her realize your importance. Treat her with indulgence as well as mutual respect. Be at your charming best and turn the romance quotient up by a few notches! Be smart, be confident always, these all tips will help you to turn your female friend into a girlfriend.

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