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How to Use Paytm App

Mobile wallets like Paytm have enjoyed very notable leaps in fortune right from when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the declaration of the demonetisation of the Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 notes. Digital wallets have thus become mandatory in an digital age where not everyone is comfortable queueing up in the bank when you don't have enough money in hand. It is really lovely you can carry all that money about with just your smartphone with these digital wallets in form of an app – the reason is not thus far fetched why online payment plarforms like Paytm are gaining large patronage in India.

The sad reality is despite the fact that Paytm boasts over 150 million users (thus enthroning it as one of the largest online payments platform in India), quite a huge number of people don't know how to use the Paytm wallet and even generally the Paytm app. One thing that stands out peculiarly in Paytm is the Paytm wallet. In a modern today, the usefulness of the Paytm wallet is very extensive as you could use it in settling supposed cash bills like gas, Cab fares,more recharges. Yet all these are more flexible when you have the Paytm app. Now how do we get and use this Paytm app?

To start, you will first have to download the Paytm official app from the store. The app versions are available for the windows, the android as well as the iOS operating platforms. Thus it is clear at least that you need a smartphone to get the app, this is no big deal as Paytm works on just any smartphone. It is even better as nearly every smartphone you have in India works well with the corresponding Paytm app. Say a smartphone within the price range of Rs 5,000 to Rs 7,000, you are sure to enjoy a wholesome experience of the Paytm app on your phone ( Also check paytm new virgin app or old virgin app which one is best for you ) .

Next you will need a debit card or a credit card. Yet in the case where you don't have either of the options, you can rather make use of Paytm but in that case it becomes a necessity you get the money into your account by means of a Paytm retailer. The latter can transfer money to your account via his personal Paytm account. This is more in resemblance of recharge or top-up in the case a pre-paid phone.  So let us go through the procedures to enjoying the Paytm app on your smartphone.

The first thing you have to do is installation of the Paytm app after you should have downloaded on your phone. You can get the android version on Paytm app Play Store, then correspondingly the windows on Windows Mobile Store and the iOS App Store. After you have installed the app, you will have to tap on it to open it. After that you will have to log in. But then one requirement for that is creating an account. There is nothing complex about the procedures involved in creating this account. You simply have to use your phone number signing up, it is well easy as the instructions are there on the screen. In course of the process of registration, via SMS you will receive an OTP. Automatically the message will read. When you are through with these procedures, you will then have to set a password personalized for your own account. Good, so when you have set the password, you now have accessibility to your account with no stress logging in.

There is no need to change the login details as you can use those very login details in logging in to Paytm through a browser when you want to procure payments online.

Good if you have correctly done this, you can now log into your account on your Paytm all. There is restriction to the amount of money you can put in however, the biggest is 20,000. This is the general maximum limit at a time for any e-wallet account. To put this money into your account on your app, you can use a functional credit card or a debit card. So when you have transferred the money in to your wallet, it is available for use as to any payment. From your app, you can make online payments. Basic expenses like buying air tickets or recharging your phone etc. If you go shopping and the store supports Paytm payment, you can quickly from your app pay your bills. Now when you want to make payments on your app, it is very simple. Just open your app tapping on "pay".  Have you seen it is that first icon appearing on the blue part of the app? So there you see there are three options of making payment on the app.

By the first means, every seller in his shop has a unique Paytm QR code. Okay, when you want to buy something in his shop, you will now scan that his unique Paytm QR code. So when you do this, you will gain the details of the shop, at that point you will now type in the amount of money you want to pay in the app and then tap pay. So let me say I went to grocery items and bought stuffs of Rs 310 from this shop and this shop allows Paytm payment. All I have to do is open my app and tap on pay. Then I will to have scan the Paytm QR code of this retail shop, followed by filling in the bill of Rs 310 I have incurred immediately the name of the shop shows up in my app and then I tap pay. At once from my Paytm app, the transfer of the money will be carried out to the Paytm account of the shop owner.

The other method is to use the phone number of the Paytm account holder on your app. The third method to pay through Paytm is via the QR code in your app. In this case, the retailer will scan the code on your phone and then you can put in the money that you want to pay him.

So aside from using the app in making payments, there is really a lot you can still do with this app.

Let us list below what services your Paytm app can help you with:

1. With the app you can easily recharge your phone, you could recharge your Dish TV as  well as make payments for your electricity bill.

2. You could go about online shopping with your app buying online goods like books etc… just like you can on other ecommerce websites. One thing that is really lovely about this is that you can even bargain some products whose purchase you are making when buying on Paytm. It gets lovelier on Sundays when Paytm gives out special offers to its customers. There are many other jolly additions to using the Paytm app.

So far in a modern world where everything is going electronic, a Paytm app is sure to save you the stress of carrying money about. You could make payments easily with just your fingers with extreme convenience on Paytm. The prospects of increased convenience using Paytm generally are getting bigger with government advising people to adopt digital payment systems. You can not wait till tomorrow to get your app, you deserve the comfort of the Paytm app today!

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