Ways to Not Get Pregnant
10 Jul

Ways to Not Get Pregnant

If you want to engage in sex but fear pregnancy, then follow these best tips. Sex is a normal and basic human need. It is fun and enjoyable. However, you need to guard yourself against premature pregnancy that can ruin your education, career or life. To do so, you need to know how to safely engage in sex.

Never have sex without a condom

Condoms protect you from getting pregnant. If you do it without it you increase the risk or not only getting pregnant but also catching STIs.

Don’t miss your daily contraceptive pill

Most women use both the condom and contraceptive pill together. If you want to only use the pill, then remember to take one or more.

Take the contraceptive regularly

Some women stop taking their contraceptive after some time. This will disadvantage you. It is wrong as it lowers the pill’s effectiveness. Take the pill consistently, the same time every day.

No sex during your monthly periods

Don’t listen to people talk that you can’t get pregnant.  It is misinformation based on assumptions. There are women who have gotten pregnant by clinging to that belief.

Pulling out before ejaculation

Consider it flirt talk because if you do believe it you will get pregnant. All it takes is a tiny drop of the sperm and you are having a baby.  Treat the penis like it is a loaded gun. It is always dangerous and that’s why it has to be protected with a condom anytime you want to have sex.

Rubbing unprotected penis on your vagina outside

Sperms can still get in because the vagina will be wet. No assumptions because that is how girls get pregnant.

Taking morning after pills

 If you engaged in unprotected sex, then take morning after pills immediately to prevent the pregnancy. However, do not abuse it as it will result in uneven monthly periods which will put you at a disadvantage.

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