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16 Nov

8 Ideas to Weight Loss Journey

Whenever you see a story about a person who has gone from size 16 to size six, do you not wish that somehow you can be in their position too, being congratulated for the hard work you have accomplished to make yourself healthier and slimmer? However, you cannot simply sit in front of the TV and keep on wishing for the same thing without taking the initiative to really lose weight. Remember that genies and fairy godmothers only exist in the magical world of tales, so you will have a better chance of reducing body fats by identifying your starting point and where you would like to be. Thus, to help you achieve your goals

Below are a few ideas to jumpstart your weight loss journey

1. Accept The Issue

If you used to be very slim in your younger days, it can be difficult to admit that you need to begin following a diet program. There are individuals who, due to their love for food, say that the clothes have shrunk in the washing machine or that their bones have gotten bigger, that’s why they cannot fit in their old jeans or dresses anymore. Being self-denial is a problem that is even bigger than the quantity of body fats that you need to dispose of, as it serves as a barrier to your road to success. It will be nice to accept that you truly have to reduce weight now, so that the issue will not expand in the long run.

2. Do It For Yourself

Some people have a hard time losing weight, because their sole motivation is the body-shaming comments that they receive from others. Humiliation and anger are not great cheerleaders, as these can simply cloud your judgment and perhaps force you to do the extreme to diminish your fats.

Eat healthy for yourself, and not for anybody else. Want it for yourself, and not for somebody else. Do this because you are already tired of having to go to extra-large clothing section in the department store, or needing to rest after climbing up a short plight of stairs. This is a good starting point for your weight loss journey.

3. Snap A Picture

Take a picture of yourself and the weighing scale before you jump into the weight-loss wagon. Print it and post it on a wall where you can always see it. This is going to be your basis in the beginning regarding how much weight you want to get rid of. When month 1 is over, you can snap a photo again, and place it beside the older one, so you will see the good difference that exercise and diet have done to you.

4. Take It Slow

Know right now that dieting is not a marathon where you need to do things fast. It is fine to set little objectives each week or month, so that you can see the bigger picture more clearly later on. For instance, if you are used to eating eight heavy meals per day, it will be easier for your body to adjust to changes if you gradually lessen the amount of food that you consume. In addition, in case exercising has never been your cup of tea, allotting an hour or two for this each week on the first month can do wonders on your weight.

5. Mind What You Eat

This is something that young individuals tend to forget, especially when they live alone in the metro, which is filled with restaurants that serve fast food. Well, there are healthier options in the market these days that you may consume in place of the greasy or sugary stuff that you may often eat. If you like bread or baked goods, try to ask for the ones that are made with almond flour, since this has more protein than carbohydrates. If you want chicken or beef, you can either grill instead of frying the meat, or find the vegan version of it. In case you like chocolates, eat the dark variety rather than the milk chocolate flavor. The rule of thumb is that prior to heading to a restaurant, take a step back, consider your choices, and think that “less is more”.

6. Have More Water

Juice, soda and beer are admittedly tastier than water, no matter how you look at it. However, they are no match to the latter in terms of its ability to clear the toxins in your body and make you slimmer in no time. A trick that a few people suggest is to drink a full glass of water before going to the dining table. This way, you will just be semi-hungry and eat a smaller serving. By having water in exchange of flavored beverages, good minerals will enter your bloodstream, and not the sugar that such drinks are full of.

7. Do Not Starve Yourself

If you are hungry, eat something. Starving yourself can lead you to acquiring illnesses. Yet, you have to pick your food or snacks more wisely. Instead of having junk foods, you can consume unsalted nuts or berries, since they are rich in protein and water, respectively. If you notice above, it has not been mentioned that you are not allowed to eat eight times a day, because you are. Only, they should be tiny portions that will satiate your hunger in between meals. When you do this, your metabolism can go well.

8. Be Optimistic

Dieting means that you have to turn your back from the foods that you love to devour. It is not going to be easy at first, but just imagine the benefits that you will earn from your sacrifices. On top of the list is the fact that you can now wear any clothing pieces that you have never thought you will get to wear someday. This can also help in shielding you from diseases that are related to obesity, such as diabetes and heart problems. Living longer than the others and being able to watch your grandkids grow – aren’t those wonderful reasons to lose weight? You may be struggling today, but it will get better in the coming days.

You can appreciate life more when you do not have sicknesses or body issues to worry about. Start getting fit today.

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