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15 Nov

8 Amazing Effective Weight Loss Tips

If you talk to different individuals in a day, you may hear that most of them feel the need to lose weight. Not all of these people necessarily have a lot of excess fats in their body, yet they still want to do it because of their secret desire to be comparable to the thin models who walk on the runway every season or get hired by beauty or clothing brands to promote their products.

But you know what, this is a free country, so you can go on a diet irrespective of the reason(s) behind it. The most important thing is identifying your starting point and where you would like to be one month or one year from now. So, without further ado

Here are the eight tips of how to lose weight

1. Eat Plenty of Protein

Protein is a very essential factor in your diet, because it provides the amino acids that your body requires to create more muscles and lessen fats. Aside from that, some studies have shown that eating foods that are filled with protein can make your stomach feel fuller immediately instead of consuming bread or rice, which have carbohydrates. The amount of protein that a person has to have on a daily basis, however, depends on how much body fat he or she wants to get rid of.

2. Choose Your Vegetables

As a child, you may have been taught by your parents to not be a picky eater. Yet, you have no other option but to be one if you really wish to reduce your waist line. This applies to vegetables as well, since some of the varieties are brimming with starch that do nothing but increase the stored fats in your system. The examples of vegetables that are rich in protein and low on carbohydrates are kale, cucumber, broccoli, lettuce and spinach, among others.

3. Cook With Coconut Oil

Coconut is indeed the tree of life, as the right processing of it can provide the kind of cooking oil that can lengthen your life span. To be slightly scientific about this, you have to know that the chain of fatty acids that make up the coconut oil is shorter than what the palm or vegetable oils have. Because of it, the body metabolizes it in a different manner. Instead of being stored, it goes to the liver, in which the chain converts into a short-term energy source or reacts with various compounds there to generate ketones. These are new organic compounds that can basically prevent you from feeling hunger longer than you expect, that’s why your eating intervals can be prolonged.

4. Avoid Fast Foods

Pizzas, cheeseburgers and fries are so delectable, but you can surely restrain yourself from going to any fast food restaurant since your goal is to lose weight, right? This is a necessity, due to the fact that the base ingredients of these stuff is carbohydrates – the same thing that you have been warned about in the first three tips above. Sugar, flour and starch are all carbohydrates, so if your meals consist of them all the time, then it will be difficult to decrease your body fats.

5. Never Skip Meals

To the people who are guilty of skipping meals in an attempt for weight loss, know that what it only does is ante up the sensation of hunger. Thus, the next time you eat, you may consume more foods than you can use as energy. Whenever you feel hungry, do not hesitate to eat a small serving of unsalted nuts or protein-based alternatives for the cooking ingredients that you utilize for cookies or bread, for instance. These snacks have to be emphasized, because they can stop you from overeating, which is contrasting to your main goal.

6. Do Not Live On Fruits

This is not meant to say that fruits are not good for you, yet it is not advisable either to solely eat them for the most part of your day. Fruits are typically sweet, aren’t they? That is probably what has attracted you to them in the first place. But consider that they taste that way for the reason that they contain sugar, which is carb. As natural as they may come, huge servings of fruits every day cannot satiate your hunger and can even increase the amount of carbohydrates within your body.

7. Walk More

Although cars, skateboards, bikes, elevators and hoverboards are trendy at this moment, their role is to make your life super easy to the point of turning you into a lazy individual that almost never needs to use his or her own two feet to reach your destination. Rather than going on a 10-minute drive to the convenience stores, definitely you can go there on foot if you are not in a hurry. When you have more free time in the office, climb up and down the stairs instead of riding the elevator. Walk more often, you guys, and see the good difference it creates to your metabolism.

8. Snooze for Eight Hours

One misconception that adults have is that only kids need eight hours of sleep to be healthy. The truth is, you also have to doze off that long in order for your body to obtain enough rest and energy. If you do not do it, your sleep-deprived self will want to eat extra servings, so that you can feel more awake and energized. It is understandable if your business or office work requires most of your time, but pay attention to your health too in case you would like to be slimmer soon.

Losing weight is difficult if it is merely your mind and not your heart is into it. Consume more protein than carbohydrates. If you crave for pastries, bake them using protein-rich ingredients. Whenever you can, try to sleep for many hours. Carefully pick the fruits and vegetables that you will eat, because not all of them will be able to help you reduce body fats. Some are simply full of starch and sugar, which are carbohydrates in different forms. Also, you may want to walk that extra 500 meters in place of driving from point A to B, as it can aid your body in converting more stored fats into energy.

This can be an uncomplicated process if you take note of the tips mentioned above.

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