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What Are the Major Bones in the Human Body ?

What Are the Major Bones in the Human Body?

Bones are very important for human bodies. It creates the structure of the body and protects various important organs of the body. There are different shapes and sizes of bone in the body. Some are very small; some are spongy or big and firm.

Adult and babies have different amount of bones in the body. Adults have a total of 206 bones where babies have 300 bones in the body. Later on some bones fused together and create a new bone.

Here is a brief description of all the major bones in the body of a human being.

  1. Clavicle: This bone is carved shaped and short, connects the shoulder from the upper arm. It is also called as collar bone.
  2. Femur: It is one of the strongest and well-known bones in the body. Femur is the thigh bone and it is the largest bone in the body.
  3. Cranium: Also known as skull that protects the head from injuries.
  4. Ilium: This bone is basically referred as the hip bone. It is the uppermost bone in the body.
  5. Humerus: This bone is in the upper arm area and the largest upper bone in the body.
  6. Mandible: Bone that holds the lower teeth and forms the lower jaw is called Mandible.
  7. Ribs: Several rib bones creates a cage at the middle of the body and they protect the heart, lungs and help the lungs to expand. It also protects other important organs which are placed in the middle of the body.
  8. Radius: Located in the thumb side close to the forearm. Basically this bone in the body is the forearm bone.
  9. Scapula: This bone in the body is located in the upper back side that connects the Clavicle and Humerus. It is also known as shoulder blade.
  10. Sternum: This bone in the body shaped flat and located in the middle of the chest to support the Clavicle bone. It also connects the ribs and protects vital organs.
  11. Tibia: The second largest bone in the body. Tibia connects the knee and ankle bones; located in the lower leg area. Tibia is also called as shin bone.
  12. Fibula: The fibula is also known as the calf bone and it is a leg bone. This bone is on the lateral part of the tibia. It is very important because it connects the above and below part of the body.
  13. Ulna: This bone in the body is located near the little finger parts. It is the bone that is very close to the elbow.
  14. Maxilla: It is actually the jaw bone, specifically the upper jaw part. It basically forms the eye socket and nose.
  15. Carpals: Carpals are the group of eight bones that forms wrist and it connects hand to forearm.
  16. Metacarpals: Like Carpals, Metacarpals are also a group of five bones that forms the hand parts of the human body. It helps to form and give a figure of the finger of a human.
  17. Phalanges: There are 56 Phalanges bones in human body which are actually fingers of the hands and toes of the foot. The thumb finger and large toes are actually created by these groups of bones all together.
  18. Spine: Spine is created with multiple bones and parts together.
  • Cervical area which is the first seven bones in the upper part.
  • Thoracic is the next 12 bones which is located in the middle.
  • Lumbar bones are the bottom five bones.
  • Sacrum are the five bones that are joined together to form the base of the spine.
  • Coccyx is a small little bone at the end of the spine.
  1. Talus: The Talus is the large bone which is located in the ankle part of the body and that connects with the tibia.
  2. Calcaneus: This bone is also called the heel bone. This bone actually forms the rear part of the foot.
  3. Tarsals: Tarsals are the seven bones that are located in the foot and ankle area. The foot starts with these seven bones.
  4. Metatarsals: Metatarsals are located and joined right after Tarsals. There are five bones in Metatarsal area. It is the middle part of the foot.

These are all the major bones in the body of a human being. These bones make the basic structure of a human being and protect vital organs. Other bones in the body are also important and most of them support these major bones.

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