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25 Aug

What Is love What Is The Meaning Of Love Lets Discuss – AC

Every time we ask ourselves: What is love is usually because 1) we do not know whether a certain special someone really loves us, or 2) because of some special people just accused us of not really love them.

If we give really committed and receiving love, we are considering these philosophical questions. It was only when we started to miss something, to analyze and consider what it really is. For example, no one sat down to a full meal, and asked: What is a bacon sandwich?

So if we continue to be the question: What is love? This could mean that we do not feel completely loved, or someone does not feel completely loved by us.

But as we ask, we will try to answer the question.

Do I love? Vs Am I loved
in both cases, often causes us to think what is love? Make sense of the issue or we ask. Do I loved or we ask am I loved?

It is easier to do with the first what is love? Output with respect to the love that we feel, to arrive. If we understand how to recognize when we are loved, we can also learn to recognize our love for each other.

When we love, we tend to intuitively feel it in our guts. But how does it work? Is there an ESP in the heart, which is to read the feelings in the heart of someone else in a position?

In fact, it is actually not so supernatural or ethereal. Rather, it is a very practical and down-to-earth. Our hearts can study our senses. Everything we see, taste, hear, touch or smell teaches us about our universe. No do not need to search or to ask questions. Our sense organs inform our brain and the brain interprets the data and send the report to our hearts. Therefore, if we see a loving smile, hear the words of love, or feel a little love, the brain processes this information and concludes: Hey, we are going to be loved at the moment

Love is an action
now we can see the second part of What Love answer dilemma: How do you tell if you like someone else?

The answer is simple. If we act with love for someone, it means that you love that person.

If we have a question as to ask: What is love? We assume that we are trying to define an abstract concept such as what is freedom? Or: What is happiness? But the truth is that love is not a concept. It is an action.

The question: What is love? It's like asking: What's running? Or: What is swimming?If you have ever seen someone running or swimming, you know exactly what is running and swimming meant

What is love then?

Maybe I do not know what love is, because no one told me what love is. I have found in books and heard the songs to read, trying to explain the meaning of love.

I heard songs that say Love is like a river, songs, love to say like an eternal flame, and others who say that love is like a warm breeze. How can you love so many different things and still be the same?

But I know that my world stops when I am with her. I'm burning inside and the heat in me while my hand in his victory. I lose sight of the world, if I look in his eyes. I do not know what it is, it makes me weak when she hugged me. It makes me special when she is around me. But I told him that I loved her, but I thought about it since the day when I told her that love is really what I feel for you.

Discover the meaning of love
I cannot explain, but I know it could explain what i think she is the closest word …… love

But love was too small to explain a word for them all. The meaning of love was too easy. I could not find justification to explain many intangible feelings in a small four-letter word. But I did, and that night the sun shone on the heart and the joy of the first kiss we felt like a never-ending story.

Our own definition of love
love is a very subjective term, unlike any other text in the world. I think it is something like our fingerprints. No one can understand what the definition of love to another person, nor can we reproduce the love of another person.

Maybe love is just a word we use when we want to define the feeling, you cannot describe that what is love? infect no one else can understand but you.

Love is a religion that is really starting to believe. Love is something that cannot be explained in a thousand magazines, but it can bring tears of joy to her eyes as a letter from a hundred words of your lover. Strange, is not it?

But if love is the only word I can describe the ocean of feelings, it may well be in my heart that way. But I want you to know that four-letter word is too small to explain what I feel for her and I told her to make up for missed all the time. But if she will understand everything, I mean, when I say I love her, so I just want to say, I'll love her until my eyes cannot see, ears to hear, my heart stops beating.

If you want to feel the love, it is helpful to first understand what is love?and the meaning of love. When someone loves you, but you do not care who it is, how much does this affect people's love for your happiness? You may have noticed, has very little influence. If you love another person had received the power to make us feel good, then we no one will love the same for a good feeling. But it is clear that this is not how life works.

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