why do we yawn
17 Feb

Why do we yawn and why do people yawn

Why do we yawn and why do people yawn

Are you searching on Internet why do we yawn is it important to yamn Almost all animals with a spine yawns. They exhibit a form of mouth gaping similar to yawning. Pigs also yawn in a display of dominance or anger, displaying their impressive incisor teeth,Penguins employ yawning as part of their courtship ritual. Fish can also yawn, and they increase this behavior due to lack of oxygen this is why do we yawn.

Not all yawns are the same. Most of us yawn and stretch, why do we yawn ? when we wake up or go to bed, yawn when we are bored , and we even do yawning just because we saw someone else yawn. In humans, yawning can start as early as 20 weeks after conception.

The study of yawning is anything but boring. The biological function of yawning remains a mystery.

What causes yawning

A yawn is a movement of the muscles in the chest, diaphragm, larynx in the throat, and palate in the mouth.We cannot yawn on command. Yawning is a semi-voluntary action and partly a reflex controlled by neurotransmitters in the hypothalamus of the brain.

I mentioned above that Animals also yawn. Why exactly do we humans yawn and is yawning actually contagious? You may have yawn out at the title of the article.The truth is first time you yawned was as a fetus.Babies begin to yawn in the womb of mother and though the reason behind it is unknown. It may have to do with the proper brain development. In adults, yawns were commonly thought to drop more oxygen in the lungs making you feel less tired. But now researchers state that this may not be the case.Today, scientists continue to research the function(s) of yawning. Pioneer researcher on contagious behavior that yawning is "associated with the change of a behavioral state- wakefulness to sleep, sleep to wakefulness, boredom to alertness. Scientist also believe that yawning has developed as a way of psychologically cooling your brain. Your brain works at a certain temperature and tries to avoid over heating and it turns out that yawning increases heart rate,blood flow and the use of muscles which are all essential actions for cooling the brain which in turn improves its alertness and role. This might explain why many athletes yawn before playing their respective sports. On the other hand,deeply inhaling cool air can also cool down your brain temperature. It is theorized that cooler blood from the body moves into the brain and the warm blood moves out through the jugular vein. But the question arises ''Why is your brain hot in the first place?'' Well sleep deprivation and exhaustion increases brain temperature which explains that why do we yawn more in these states. Researchers have found that by placing a hot bag over your head yawning occurs 41% and placing cold bag over your head yawning reduces to 9%.

Second question that arises that ''Is yawning contagious?'' Humans and other primate and even dogs found yawning contagious. And it is mostly linked with empathy. Contagious yawning begins in the age of 4 -5 yrs and this is when the empathetic behaviors along with the ability to identify emotions begins to develop. In other case, Children with autism yawns less then the others. Researchers have developed that you copy the yawns of the people socially linked with you. Even dogs copy the yawns of its owner as compared to the stranger. By biological point of view, It is states that mirror neurons perform specific functions that feels someone doing the action or even just talking about that action. They are special brain cell that are used for learning, self awareness and relating to others. And when they see someone yawn,mirror neurons become activated in the similar way,and we copy the yawn.

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