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01 Dec

Workouts For Toned Body With Or Without Equipment

Fitness and nutrition is must to stay healthy. For that, it is not mandatory that you go for regular workouts at gym only; you can do the same even at your home. Make your workouts interesting and ignite the spark.

Ways to turn your workouts into an interesting hobby

Home gyms are picking a rise these days. The American Express Spending and Saving Tracker states that approximately 15 % of the Americans perform workouts at home because of the shortage of time and hence spend on home equipments. This percentage is on constant rise in terms of saving time and money both. It offers them flexible hours and you can be regular part of the fitness program.

Workouts with gym equipments:

Treadmill is among the best workout equipments that can be used by all the members of the family. Losing weight is fun this way, as you can hear your favorite song and have an awesome time. It is highly effective in burning calories. Apart from treadmill, Indoor cycles, Cross country skiing machines, Rowers, Stair steeping machines etc are also getting a boom in the market because of the versatility they provide. Though all have their own specialty and people of different age groups prefer based on their likings.

Workouts without gym equipments:

Sticking regularly to any particular workout regime can make a big difference to your body weight. Regular doing is a constant source of motivation whereas one skip can derail from the process.

Yoga is one of the best ways to keep a control command over your senses. Yoga is not only good for various types of ailments but makes you to relax mentally, physically and emotionally. There are specialized forms of yoga for our each body part to offer them the desirable shape. Play the music in the background.


Have fun with aerobics. Go for skipping, jumping, climbing stairs, circuit training, kickboxing, core power yoga, squats, squat jumps, hula hoops, burpees, jogging on one place, jumping jacks, bear crawls, boxing with punching bag, tap backs, etc are various forms of aerobics.


Dancing is a wonderful hobby and a great workout. It is perfect workout for all body parts. This is a great tool to be employed and you need no gym equipment but a Television set or a stereo only.

Mowing the lawn:

Use your gardening tools and go for a perfect workout beautifying your garden.

Workout and watching television: Instead of munching out pizza and other snacks, go for workouts while enjoying TV channels.

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