12 Jan

Worry Fear Anger Sadness – Low Self Esteem,Get Rid From All Of Them By This Simple Technique – AC

Worry-Fear-Anger-Sadness-Low Self Esteem,Get Rid From All Of Them By This Simple Technique

Almost everyone of us know about acupuncture, rubdown and massage therapies that are originally from Eastern medicine. Although they have been used as healing practices for  ache, shock, illness and stress from hundreds of years, they have only turn out to be  a viable addition to Western cultures and medicine, in past years.

According to some Therapies places, an ancient Japanese healing practice called as “Jin Shin Jyutsu”, has been recognized to effectively treat depression, nervousness, backache, PTSD, and chronic neck and back pain. 

It came to the United States in the 1950’s by an Asian-American woman an expert in the field in Japan  Mary Burmeister, after she met with Jiro Murai.

The video describes and discuss this method which involves frivolously pulling or squeezing each finger, to ease disabling emotional states such as panic, anger, nervousness, depression and sorrow that goes on ahead of the normal parameters. 

Each finger indicates a different issue. This a wonderful addition to other treatments that can help both children and adults achieve emotional and spiritual balance. Definitely try this

Choose to run through all fingers or which emotion you would like to work for Sit Or Stand Quietly

Hold The finger gently with opposite hand for 2-5 minutesBreathe

Move on when you feel the pulse of energy in the finger



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