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06 Sep

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Bones in the wrist: A wrist fracture is a medical word for a broken wrist. The wrist consists of eight small bones called radius and ulna connect eight small bones. While a wrist fracture may occur in one of these 10 bones, much of the bone is the most common to break the beam. This is called a distal radius fracture with hand.

Some wrist fractures are stable. Move Displaced in which bones do not break at first, cannot be stable. A number of "displaced" rest (which needs to be returned to the right place, known as the "reduction" or "set"), may be enough to stabilize the plaster splint or treatment. Other fractures are unstable. In unstable fractures, even if the bones in position and shape are placed, bone pieces tend to move or move against a Cure position firmly in bad position. This allows the wrist twisted appear.

Some wrist fractures are more serious than others. Fractures that break the smooth articular surface or breaks, the pieces (comminuted fractures) break can cause unstable bone. These types of severe fractures often require surgery to restore and maintain alignment. An open fracture occurs when a fragment of the bone is broken, and is pushed through the skin. This may cause an increased risk of bone infection.




A wrist fracture is caused by an injury such as a fall on the outstretched hand. Major trauma such as car accidents, motorcycle accidents or falls from the ladders causes more serious injuries. Weak bones (e.g. osteoporosis) are easier to break a wrist.




If the wrist is broken, there is swelling and pain. It may be difficult to move the hand and the wrist to use. Some people can still move the hand or wrist or to use, even if there is a broken bone. Swelling or bone in its place can distort the wrist appear. Often there is pain around the fracture and finger movement. Sometimes fingers tingling or numbness in the tips.



Your hand surgeon performs a physical examination and x-rays get to see if there is a broken bone. Sometimes tests like a CT scan or MRI may be necessary to provide better detail obtained fragments of the wrist fracture and other injuries. Bands (soft tissue, bones stick together), tendons, muscles and nerves can also be damaged if the wrist is broken. You may also need to be treated.


Treatment depends on many factors, including:


    Type of fractureunstable or open
    Age, work, leisure, activity level, and if your hand "dominant"
    Your overall health
    The presence of other diseases

A padded rail may first be used to align and the carpal bones support some relief from the initial pain to give relief. If the fracture is not to be unstable, a mold can be used to maintain a wrist fracture is established. Other wrist fractures may benefit from an operation the broken bones together and keep them in place.

Wrist Fracture can be fixed with many devices. Nails, screws, plates, pins or external fixation can use. A small camera can be used to visualize the joint from the inside. Sometimes the bone is crushed, so that there is a gap in the bone when it has realigned. In these cases, a bone graft can be added to promote the healing process. Your hand surgeon will discuss the options which are best for their recovery and healing.



During recovery, it is very important for the fingers to keep moving to avoid getting stiff. Your hand surgeon starts your wrist at the right time to move for a break. Manual therapy is often helpful to recover movement, strength and function.

The recovery time is different and depends on many factors. It is not unusual for recovery to take years. Even then, some patients may stiffness or pain. Wrist fractures can cause severe arthritis of the joint. Occasionally, the treatment or further surgery is required.

Many people break a bone at some point in their lives, either as a child in the yard, as an adult falls in an accident in old age. Bone fractures are painful and frustrating that it takes a long time to heal. After the Nemours Foundation, the body heals naturally a broken bone on its own. The use of a patch keeps the bone in place while it heals

Some foods can help speed up the healing process.


1. Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the best foods to eat on the healing of a Wrist fractures because it is rich in vitamin C. according to the Linus Pauling University at Oregon State University to help other minerals associated with Vitamin K to mass build. Vitamin K can accelerate the healing of a broken bone as it is involved in bone mineralization. The Pauling Institute at Oregon State University says that a cup of broccoli has about 220 mcg of vitamin K.


2. Yogurt

Dr. Susan Brown, Center for Better Bone said that amino acids, the building blocks of protein and calcium mineral also can help to heal broken bones. It indicates that the amino acids in yogurt, such as lysine and glutamine, calcium absorption, increasing bone mass. In addition, calcium is essential in yogurt for bone healing, because the bones are mainly composed of calcium and phosphorus.


3. Oranges

eating oranges can have multiple benefits for people with Wrist fractures. According to the Center for Better Bones oranges are most in vitamin C which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to reduce pain, while promotingthe growth of new bone mass. Vitamin C can improve the immune function for faster healing, according to the Center for Better Bones.


4. Milk

Milk is a good source of protein which stimulates the immune system and makes the body to heal itself, according to the Center for Better Bones. The addition of calcium, milk has other vitamins that are needed for the repair of Wrist fractures. The Nemours Foundation says that vitamin D helps in milk, feed the bone by increasing the amount of calcium that can be absorbed.

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