11 Jan

You want to be fit ? eat this GOOSEBERRY

Gooseberry, Is one of the richest sources of vitamin C and iron. An average adult needs about 50 ml of vitamin C daily. This need can be easily catered by eating Gooseberry daily. It is also one of the richest sources of antioxidants.

The content of vitamin C of one gooseberry can be easily equated to two oranges.

Now, what are the benefits of eating gooseberry on daily basis?

  1. You feel fresh the whole day. You can eat it empty stomach to avoid many diseases of stomach.
  2. It's a better known remedy for eye problems. One can soak dry Amlaovernight and use it next morning to remove puffiness in the eyes .
  3. Gooseberry is must for pregnant women as it gives strength more than one egg. Eating murabba of Amla in pregnancy can give relief in vomitings.
  4. Eating gooseberry on daily basis maintains blood pressure and also helps in lowering it.
  5. One can get rid of stones in urinary bladder by eating gooseberry powder with radish.
  6. It is best for people having diabetes. It should be taken in the form of juice plus honey and turmeric.
  7. Amla is very beneficial in increasing digestive power.
  8. Eating Amla on daily basis helps in curing skin problems. It is one of the best blood purifier.
  9. It helps curing excessive blood thickening. It also lowers the blood cholesterol levels and prevent thickening of arteries.
  10. Amla juice if taken daily with honey, helps in curing asthma.
  11. You can mix gooseberry juice with honey and apply on blemishes and dark circles to cure them.
  12. Drinking 1 tsp  gooseberry Juice on an empty stomach helps curing acidity.
  13. gooseberry helps in curing pimples and wrinkles if taken empty stomach . Also it helps in tightening of skin.

It lowers the risk of cancer and also controls the growth of cancer cells. It also cures the side effects caused due to radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

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