Zika virus symptoms
15 Feb

Zika Virus Symptoms Its Cause And Treatment

Zika virus symptoms its cause and treatment

Zika virus (ZIKV) was initial identifed in April 1947, once fever developed during a analysis Macaca mulatta ( Monkey)  within the Zika Forest of Republic of Uganda.

The first well-documented report of human Zika Virus infection occurred in 1964, and studies in Nigeria in 1968, isolated Zika Virus among the human population. Since then the virus has been known in humans in alternative African countries including: Central African Republic, Egypt, Gabon, Senegal, African country, Tanzania, Uganda, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Asian nation and Vietnam.

In 2007, a virulent disease of  Zika Virus occurred on Yap Island within the united States of Micronesia. This was the primary time that Zika Virus was reportable outwith continent and Asia. In October 2013, an oversized eruption occurred in French Polynesia, followed by alternative outbreaks within the Pacific islands of recent geographical area, Cook and Easter occurred.

In 2015, cases of Zika Virus were reportable in many Caribbean Islands and Brazil, aiming to a virulent disease that unfold to America. The eruption has continuing in 2016, with Zika Virus reportable in associate degree increasing variety of states.

For associate degree updated list of ZIKV affected countries visit ECDC ZIKV Country List

Of explicit concern is that the risk of a link between ZIKV infection in physiological state, and therefore the increase in variety of birth defects being reported in Brazil, notably babies being born with abnormalcy (smaller than traditional head).

This link has not been tested, however some measures to scale back the danger for pregnant ladies are counseled as any proof is gathered.

Zika virus CAUSE:

The cause of the Zika virus in human is still not identified.

Zika virus symptoms:

Zika virus symptoms Zika infection is characterized by

Zika virus symptoms 1) low grade fever (less than thirty eight, 35°C) ofttimes among a maculopapular rash

Zika virus symptoms 2) Different common symptoms embrace muscle pain, joint pain with potential swelling (notably of the little joints of the hands and feet), headache, pain behind the eyes and inflammation.

As symptoms area unit usually delicate, infection could go unrecognized or be misdiagnosed as infectious disease.

A high rate of symptom less infection with Zika virus is anticipated, kind of like different viruses, like infectious disease virus and West Nile virus. The majority of people absolutely recover while not having severe complications, and hospitalization rates area unit low. To date, there are no reported deaths related to Zika virus.

Zika virus symptoms TREATMENT:

There is no specific treatment for Zika infection in the hospitals. Symptoms like headache and fever are treated symptomatically.  Hospitalization is indicated in severe diseases or if complications arise. But natural ways of treatment are here for the Zika virus patients and have been proved beneficial.

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